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Lego Earrings

Who doesn’t have some Legos left over from when they were a kid? All it takes is two little blocks and some earring hardware to create your very own set of playful jewelry. If you don’t want to do the work, buy them already made on Etsy!

Silverware Wind Chime

Very elegant wind chimes using old silverware from Or So She Says! While you may not just have some laying around, the thrift store would be a good bet to find a funky set of vintage silverware at a good price.

Coffee Maker Aquarium

Got an old coffee maker that doesn’t work anymore? There may be hope! Check out this very quirky beta fish coffee maker aquarium. Simple directions can be found here. Just please make sure the heater really doesn’t work!

Pallet Wine Rack

Very rustic, very classy, and as always, oh so trashy! This would be a wonderful complement to any home, and it doesn’t look like it would be too hard to make.

Plastic Animal Toothbrush Holder

Ever wonder what you are going to do with all the plastic animals you’ve collected from Level B? Here is one answer!

Ever wonder what you are going to do with all your plastic animals from Level B? Here is your answer!

T-Shirt Yarn

t-shirt yarn!

I know how hard it is to throw away old t-shirts or t-shirts you know you’ll never wear again, but even if the logo is tacky as long as you like the color you can turn it into something new and beautiful.

p.s. crocheting and knitting is not just for grandmas!

Six Pack Tool Caddy

Sorry if I’ve misled you, but I too wish this post was referring to 6-packs of the abdominal variety. But still, this is a smart idea for toting around your crafting supplies, whether you decorate it or not. I have plenty of these 6-pack carriers at my disposal, especially now that Blue Moon’s Spring Blonde Wheat Ale is back on the shelves. Let the day drinking begin!

Board Games Revisited!

We already saw that you can make coasters out of old Scrabble tiles, but you can also use the board itself to make a lovely box! With Monopoly in this case, how would you repurpose the paper money and other pieces?

52 Things

This would have been great for Valentine’s Day, but still this “52 Things Book” is a nice gift to the person you love for any occasion. This tutorial brought to you by Papervine.

Sock Monster Draft Blocker

Sew Green shows you how to make a draft blocker out of old socks! It could come out looking very cute and functional.