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Silverware Wind Chime

Very elegant wind chimes using old silverware from Or So She Says! While you may not just have some laying around, the thrift store would be a good bet to find a funky set of vintage silverware at a good price.

Pallet Wine Rack

Very rustic, very classy, and as always, oh so trashy! This would be a wonderful complement to any home, and it doesn’t look like it would be too hard to make.

Gumball Fish Tank!

How cool is this gumball machine turned fish tank from Upcycle That?? Not that everyone has an old one laying around like I do, but still cool nonetheless. Will definitely have to do this some time!

T-Shirt Yarn

t-shirt yarn!

I know how hard it is to throw away old t-shirts or t-shirts you know you’ll never wear again, but even if the logo is tacky as long as you like the color you can turn it into something new and beautiful.

p.s. crocheting and knitting is not just for grandmas!

Corona Bottle Salt and Pepper Shakers

I was at an Ale House the other day and I was really intrigued by their salt and pepper shakers. They were simply used Corona bottles with perforated plastic cap stuck on the top. I thought they may have made the caps themselves, but I noticed they had the official Corona “crown” logo moulded into the plastic. So one quick trip to Google and I got the low-down on these little guys. Amazon sells a set of two of them for about $4, which seems a little steep to me, but at least you’re getting the real deal. (Actually if you are looking to buy a lot for a restaurant or something, HulaHangout has bulk discounts.) I imagine you could just as easily use a beer bottle with a twist-off cap and just drill some holes in it. It’s a perfect, cheap re-use idea and matches perfectly with a sports bar or tropical type of atmosphere.

Similarly, I was at Chipotle the other day and saw them using old Tabasco Sauce bottles to hold their salt and pepper. I didn’t take a picture, but I’m sure you get the concept.

Six Pack Tool Caddy

Sorry if I’ve misled you, but I too wish this post was referring to 6-packs of the abdominal variety. But still, this is a smart idea for toting around your crafting supplies, whether you decorate it or not. I have plenty of these 6-pack carriers at my disposal, especially now that Blue Moon’s Spring Blonde Wheat Ale is back on the shelves. Let the day drinking begin!

Board Games Revisited!

We already saw that you can make coasters out of old Scrabble tiles, but you can also use the board itself to make a lovely box! With Monopoly in this case, how would you repurpose the paper money and other pieces?

Animal Bookends and “Brass” Sculptures

These two simple projects simple involve some old toy figurines and a coat of spray paint. They are a wonderful design and so cheap to make too!

Macabrecycling: Turning Corpses into Electricity

Now here’s an unusual one! A crematorium in England is installing turbines that will generate electricity from the heat produced in cremating bodies. Apparently one body could run a typical household for 5 days…

Repurposing an Old TV

I’ve always wanted to make an aquarium like this! I still have an old TV set that used to sit in our home until it was replaced with a flat screen, and it is just waiting for a new life. Here’s another idea for making use of a smaller TV, but I think you would really need a model similar to this for it to work: