Playing Card Challenge FAQ

How much does it cost to enter?

Teams of up to 4 people pay $20 regardless of the team size. With a full team, that’s only $5 per person!

Is there a deadline to enter?

No, there is no deadline to enter. However, all submissions are due on April 22nd April 26th. (The deadline has been extended!) Teams can register at any point and begin working on their creation, so the sooner you do that the more time you will have.

How do I pay?

Payments are accepted online via WePAY (similar to PayPal) or in person with cash. Either way, you must create the account for your team first. At that point you can either pay right away with WePAY, or you can enter the code you received when paying in person.

Can I pay with cash?

Yes. Cash is accepted in person at our weekly meetings. If you can’t make the meeting, send us an email to set up an alternate time to meet on campus.

Can I have a team of more than 4 people?

No. Unfortunately the contest is designed to award a prize for up to four people, thus there can only be 4 official members to a team. That being said, there is no way for us to monitor outside help with the project, so that is technically allowed.

Where do I get the cards?

Cards can be picked up at the Willard Straight Hall Resource Center at any time after your team has paid the entry fee. Cards can also be picked up at our weekly meetings or through certain members of the club.

What are we supposed to make?

That is up to you and your team! The prompt is “make something you use everyday.” That was left very vague by design, so that teams have the ability to interpret the prompt in any way they wish and basically make anything.

Does the piece really have to be functional?

No. The piece can be a conceptual representation of a functional object. For instance, if you make a truck out of playing cards, it would not be expected that the piece be able to transport anything, as much as it would be expected that it resemble a truck. Your interpretation of the prompt and the judging criteria can be very flexible, and you will have the chance to justify your piece through a short artists’ statement.

How big should the piece be?

This is completely up to you! Your creativity and interpretation of the prompt in the context of the judging criteria is what matters most. A piece that is impressive because of its size alone may not be enough to score highly with the judges.

How are the winners selected?

All submissions will be reviewed by a panel of judges (chosen by Creativity Collective) using the three criteria aesthetics, originality, and functionality. The grand prize will go to the team that scores highest among all judges in all three categories. A runner-up prize is awarded in each individual category to the team that scored the highest in that respective category across all judges. A final prize is awarded to the team with the most likes on facebook for the photo of their submission posted on the event page. Each team can only win one prize.

How are the judges selected?

Judges are selected by the members of Creativity Collective, with the intention of choosing a diverse array of local experts. These may include professors, local artists, and other prominent members of the Cornell community.

Where does the money go?

The money collected from the entry fee will go towards the mission of Creativity Collective. Much of our projects make use of discarded materials, but often times new materials are necessary to complete the projects (glue, paint, etc.) Creativity Collective hopes to make new creations that can benefit the community directly or through fundraising.

What can I use besides cards?

Please see the “green list” for a set of guidelines for acceptable materials besides cards. While technically nothing is off-limits, bear in mind that any materials that shift the submission too far from the essence of this contest and the mission of Creativity Collective (that is, reusing discarded materials) will likely not be scored highly by the judges. Playing cards should make up the majority of your piece.

Is there a limit on the number of cards?

No, there is no limit. As included in your entry fee, you get 4 decks of cards to start with. If you would like to use more, you can purchase additional decks from the Willard Straight Hall Resource Center for $1 each. This fee is in place mainly to prevent waste of the cards and abuse of our supply. That being said, if you need a large quantity of cards, please reach out to us directly to work out a special arrangement.

When is the submission due? Where?

Submissions are due on Friday, April 26th, coinciding with Earth Week. Submissions can be turned in before this date and should be dropped off at the Willard Straight Resource Center or by other special arrangement.

When can I redeem the prize? Are there limitations with the prize?

In general, prizes can be redeemed at any point after they are awarded, but they are subject to availability and black-out dates imposed by Turning Stone Resort.

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