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Frame Memory Board

If you have an old picture frame with nothing to display, consider turning it into a lovely memory or inspiration board like this from Houzz. Simply decorate it and add a piece of chicken wire to make an elegant display piece!

Mason Jar Herb Garden

I love this beautifully rustic herb garden created with mason jars and a piece of reclaimed wood! It even has chalkboard paint for the labels in case you decide to switch out the herbs.

Repurposed Window

This was a birthday present my mother made for me a few years ago. Naturally, she found an old window among our trash, as well as a defunct table with perfectly functioning legs. She painted the wooden parts white and set a piece of glass on top to make it into a bedside table for me. One of many awesome ways to make something very usable out of some otherwise useless things, as well as a type of project this group can expect to create in the future.

Plastic Spoon Chandelier

Found on imgur, this chic pendant lamp is a great way to counter the idea of disposable products.

Old Keyboard Keys Become Fun Magnets

Apartment Therapy shows you how to turn old keyboard keys into awesome magnets for the fridge!